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Case: The Managerial “Hot Seat”

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Case: The Managerial “Hot Seat”

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The Managerial Hot Seat
Management can be referred as the process of coordinating resources to achieve the aims, goals and objectives of an organization. Human resources and department managers are therefore both linked by these organizational goals. Some of the functions of the human resources include training and development, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits and managing employee relations. Department managers are responsible for the coordination of the efforts of the employees in the specific department or unit. Department managers and human resources work together in getting the efficient people for the job. Human resources are responsible for hiring employees for departments while department managers oversee the training of these hired employees to tailor suit their skills for the organization.
Some of the areas of legislation that managers should be aware of include anti- discrimination laws. This is discrimination against sex, religion, race, age, national origin and disability discrimination. Another is the law of wages such as minimum wage regulations and overtime payment. Managers should also be aware of leave provisions as well as regulation on medical or health of employees. Human resources oversee the relations of employees as well as compensation and benefits. Managers are therefore needed to comply with these legal provisions in how they treat the employees and the working conditions they set.
In a bid to correct the health care department, there is a need for collaboration between human resources and the unit manager. First the manager will need to point out the problematic areas and the individuals that are difficult. Problematic areas are such as poor schedule management, inappropriate dressing, and absenteeism. The manager should then come up with interventions such as formulating a dressing code policy, formulating a well-organized schedule. Finally, the manager with the help of human resources can come up with consequences for breaking the set regulations. Human resources can make deductions for the days that the employee was absent and issue warning letters to employees that report to work late or dress inappropriately.
In conclusion, the function of management is connected to human resources as both are involved in the management of people. These two functions can, therefore, achieve optimum results if they both collaborate towards achieving the organizational goals.

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