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Case: The Long, Loud Silence

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The Long Loud Silence
1. I will organize for different meetings; one with employees only and another one with the staff only. The grievances that the employees will air out, I will note them down, present to the staff members when I will have a meeting with them. However, I will do this without mentioning the names of employee/employees who might have risen any concerning issue(s) to avoid future conflict amongst them. I will as well request the staff members to air out their views concerning those complaints and the ways that they can be solved. In addition, I will report back to the employees the proposed solution of their complaints and also request them to accept and give out their views concerning those solutions. Finally when the two parties seem to agree, I will call for a common staff meeting which will cover mainly agreement and re-unity for both parties.
2. First, I will find a way that we can fully be free to socialize with the administration bosses. Then I will use them to tell me whoever takes complains to them, after knowing I will approach them (employee/employees) and request in a very kind manner to stop doing that, and from there I will promise them that they will need assistance from me.
3. The following are the means of organizational communication:
(a) Transparency- the administration should be transparent in the way they deal with employees, for instance, why they should deduct salary charges.

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