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Case study

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Case study

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Statistics

Level: College

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Aspirin Bottle Count Case Study
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With the use of descriptive statistics such as a measure of central tendency and hypothesis testing, this report investigated an allegation from customers, which indicated that the tablets in the aspirin bottles are inaccurate. The report results have revealed that the customer’s complaints are valid. The mean calculation found that on average the bottles are filled with 499 tablets. Further confidence interval calculation discovered that the mean of filled tablets lies between 496.1682 and 503.7518. Although the margin is narrow from the expected 500 tablets, a follow-up hypothesis test also established that the tablets inserted in the bottles are less than 500. Besides, the report was able to identify and provide recommendations to mitigate the occurrence of such problems. For instance, the report established that the bottle design is faulty, the machines are experiencing technological hitches during the filling process, and machine belt is moving faster than the tablet dropping interval. The report recommended that the machines require regular repair. Moreover, the bottle design and the belt movement must be readjusted to match the dropping interval.
Aspirin Bottle Count Case Study
Problem statement
Over the recent past, customers have been claiming that the aspirin (tablet) count in the bottles is less than 500, which also contradicts with the bottle’s label. There might be numerous fact…

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