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Case study

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Case study

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Forestry

Level: High School

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Case study
From the case study, it is apparent that POST children’s cereals Inc. is engaged in marketing wars with Kellog Inc. Also, as indicated, Kellog’s strategy seems to be working to the disadvantage of the POST, who have in fact lost a huge market share to Kellog. To revert this situation and regain control, Janet, who is the product manager for POST has to make a critical marketing decision despite the financial constraints. In this respect, I think the best alternative Janet should go for is to ask for a further budget increase. The funds will be used to expand each of the current marketing programs and fund new ones.
Increasing budget allocation is particularly crucial because POST’s current marketing programs are inferior to those being used by Kellog. Whereas Sheila’s assertion during a discussion with Janet that the current success POST is enjoying is due to the advertising strategy may be true, I think that advertising alone will not work in the long-run due to the aggressive marketing strategy employed by Kellog. It will be prudent for the POST to adopt an aggressive strategy as well which will include the current advertising system and new approaches such as in-pack premiums and trade deals. Due to the increased marketing strategies, increased funding is therefore necessary.
Also, as rightly argued by Joe during one of the discussions in the case study, the company cannot afford to stick to its advertising strategy. D…

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