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Case study

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Case study

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Response to Pao v. Kleiner Perkins
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Response to Pao v. Kleiner Perkins
Point of Voicing Her Concern
Pao voiced her concerns on January 4, 2012, through a memorandum to all the firm’s officials (UTexas, 2018). The point was mainly due to the uncommitted effort by the senior officer responsible for improving women’s position in the firm.
Action on Values
Yes, I believe Pao stood up for her beliefs. By reasoning that she was just as eligible for the promotion and work ethics as her male colleagues, she filed a suit against the firm for the discrimination (UTexas, 2018). Regardless of her losing the lawsuit, I believe, she stood up for herself as well as her beliefs.
Related GVV pillars
Pillar 1: values- Against discrimination of women in the women in the workplace.
Pillar 2: choices- instead of keeping quiet, she chose to let her voice known.
Pillar 5: self-knowledge and alignment- by understanding her deficiency in legal matters, she had a lawyer representing her.
Pillar 6: voice- She raised her voice against an ongoing injustice
I believe she should have used the pillar of choices earlier on before getting fired. Had she wanted to cause a change in the firm, she should have immediately filed a lawsuit after her memorandum to the firm’s officials was left without a response.
What I Would Have Done
At Kleiner Perkins, I would have done as Pao did, however, based on choice, I would have filed a lawsuit again…

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