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Case Analysis: 1995: McKennon v Nashville Banner
Case Analysis: 1995: McKennon v. Nashville Banner.Popularly referred to as the McKennon case this is a case between Mrs. Christine McKennon who sued her former employer Nashville Banner Publishing Company. Mrs. McKennon aged 62 years had filled the suite claiming her dismissal from the publishing company amounted to wrongful termination under the discrimination Act legislated in 1967 (Bogardus, 2009). She had worked at the firm for 39 years as a secretary during which reports on her job evaluation were always excellent. During her stint, she served as secretary to six individuals including the executive vice president of the company Mr. Jack Gunther whom she worked under for seven years. In 1989 upon reassignment of Mr. Gunther to a new role, she moved to serve as secretary to the comptroller Ms. Immogene Stoneking. It is during this time that she received reports that Banner was placing their jobs on the line due to financial woes. Along the way she receives instructions from Ms. Stoneking to shred some records that were evidence of the liquidity problems the newspaper was facing. After being discharged from her position on 31st October 1990 and hired two 36-year-old secretaries, Mrs. McKennon then filled a suite at the United States district court for the middle district of Tennessee challenging the company’s decision in May 1991. The Company would later learn that during her final posit…

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