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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal law

Level: Academic

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Student’s Name
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Career Questions and Answers
Task 1 (Limit 250 words each)
Which story in the business press has interested you the most recently and why?
The legalization of Marijuana in over 20 states in America has caused lawyers to turn into the business in full swing. Legal firms across the United States are hastily forming legal departments in their firms that will handle Marijuana related cases. They are trying to find ways in which they can help their clients involved in the trade without breaking the law. Most of the states legalized Marijuana on medical grounds but recently, some states such as Alaska and Colorado have approved the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. The legalization of Marijuana for recreation has suddenly turned the business into a lucrative one as legal firms seek to play a bigger role in the business.
The Marijuana law practice is considered similar to other legal practices as it also needs trademarks, contracts, real estate transactions as well as regulatory compliance. However, lawyers are extremely cautious with the practice, even as it is poised to bring them millions. Marijuana is still being considered illegal according to the Federal law and the American Bar Association also has professional rules of conduct that prohibit the lawyers from assisting in criminal conduct. These two circumstances are responsible for the cautious approach the lawyers are taking even as they delve into the lucrative business.
This information peaks my interest because I am a law student and an aspiring lawyer and the Marijuana business is certainly an exciting prospect that is bound to shake some legal professionals’ principles. (243 words)
Describe a rewarding team project that you have been involved in and why do you consider it to be rewarding?
Recently my University law department organized a public awareness program in our local community to sensitize the community of the importance of writing wills and taking insurance. A recent survey had identified the community as among the most affected regarding intestate deaths as well as having the least number of people with life insurance policies. These two issues are the major legal issues in the United States and the government has been carrying out public awareness programs to sensitize people on the importance of taking life insurance policies and the importance of wills. The local community has a considerable number of people older than 65 years. The population lying in this age group were the most affected with the issues and the University took it upon ourselves to conduct such a voluntary public awareness program. Naturally, the law department students were naturally asked to join the program and the positive response was overwhelming.
We had a fruitful exercise as we spoke to the elderly people and convinced them of the legal benefits of performing the duties. We also enjoyed being out of our classroom and interacting with the local community. I consider participating in the team project as a rewarding because we were finally doing things that were affecting people’s lives positively. Finally, we were involved in an activity that would transform other people’s lives. To me, it was an eye-opener. (231words)
Describe a situation in which you were required to analyze and solve a complex problem
In my first year in college, I had the privilege of helping form a chess group in our college. Prior to my arrival, students in the college played chess for fun. The college did not have a chess team nor did they participate in chess tournaments. However, the field games such as Soccer and Rugby were crowd pullers in college. Students joining those teams suddenly had their status in college elevated. Hence, students joining the college aspired to join the college teams of soccer and rugby. Chess was only mentioned in passing by a number of people having played it at home. In my case, chess had played a big part in my high school life. I was extremely disappointed when I joined the college and actively took steps to change the situation.
I analyzed the situation at hand and realized there was no chess club formally with the College. I formed the club, wrote constitution and registered the club with the college. Together with a few chess friends, we undertook a rigorous program of recruiting for the chess club. After two weeks we had recruited quite a number of students and met a few times in which we had the privilege of playing a few games against each other. After meeting a few times, I encouraged all the group members to ask their friends to join the club. Since then, the club has been growing with the registration process open to everyone. (243 words)
Describe an occasion when you have influenced another person or persons to follow your lead.
While in my freshman year in college, I helped form a chess club that has since grown in prominence in the college. In my High school years I had participated in tournaments and loved the chess game. I was extremely disappointed that my college did not have a chess tradition. Those who did play the game played for fun and occasionally. After a careful thought process, I took it upon myself to form a club. I saw an opportunity to change the traditions in the college and it did not matter that I was just in my freshman year. Together with a few college friends that played and loved the game like I did, we took it upon ourselves to form a club. I wrote a constitution and registered the club. My friends helped with the recruitment process.
I was able to convince my friends in college to join me in my efforts to form the club. Initially, several of my friends did not want to take part and some were scared as they were still freshmen. I did most of the legwork initially, but later they came on board when they found out that I had started drafting the chess club constitution. They also drafted and designed a poster that they stuck around college asking for members joining and interested in joining the club to meet at a predetermined venue. Looking back, I feel that my personal efforts and belief helped convince my friends that forming a club was possible regardless of our freshman status. (256 words)
Give an example of when you had to communicate an important message in writing.
After the first semester in which I helped form a chess club, the second semester was less than ideal. The group members took their time with rejoining the club meetings and several group meetings went unheeded as people took to settle back into the college. An urgent intervention was needed. My project was falling apart after it had taken off wonderfully. I spoke to a few members that I met and they had excuses for not attending meetings. I had to take action and I sought to write a memo to all the group members and forward the memo to their personal emails.
I wrote a memo in which I asked them to convene for a meeting at the end of the week. The memo also informed them of the situation the club was dealing with and the urgency of the meeting. I also drafted a message that I posted to the College’s chess club Facebook group. I made a plea to the members to clear their schedule for the D-day to attend the meeting. Surprisingly, the meeting turned to be better than I expected. The members were not aware that most of the group members were also missing the group meetings. In fact, some group members even came with interested members who were registered before commencement of the meeting. Drafting the memo and the Facebook group posting worked the trick. The appeal to the members and informing them of the situation at hand was instrumental in getting them active again. (251 words)
Task 2: Interview questions (Each 40-65 words)
Who in the business world do you particularly admire and why?
I admire Richard Branson and his Virgin Atlantic company. Richard Branson’s success has been built on his goal-setting. He is quoted as having said that he sets challenging goals that are seemingly unachievable and strives to rise above those challenges. Those attributes have seen him achieve immeasurable success in most of his business investments.
Describe a time when you have handled a rude, difficult or impatient person
While participating in a public awareness program in our local community, I had an opportunity to meet and talk to people of various characters and temperaments. In one of my meetings, I met an old man who was unhappy with our arguments on the importance of writing a will. He got angry and started hurling abuses. We calmed him down by letting him feel he was entitled o his opinion while we convinced him using facts in a layman’s language.
Are you stronger working under pressure or with time for planning and organization?
I feel I am stronger when working under pressure. However, I prefer having time for planning and organization. Therefore, I strive to avoid situations where I have to work under pressure. In case I still find myself in such a situation, prioritizing activities and tasks usually works for me.
Describe a situation when you have demonstrated excellent communication skills
In my early college years, I drafted a letter as the chairman of a freshly-formed chess club to all the members of the club asking them to attend meetings that had gone unattended for about two weeks. The message was posted in the group’s Facebook group as well as in a memo to all members via their email addresses.
Describe a situation when you worked as part of a team
I once participated in a public awareness program in our college’s local community. In the exercise, we worked as teams in sensitizing the public, especially the older generation that had been known to die intestate. We were also expected to inform the public of the importance of taking life insurance policies.
Why did you choose your University degree subject?
I chose to do a law degree because of the many ignorance of the law that I have witnessed in my life and how the people in power have taken advantage of the ignorance of the people to benefit from it. These injustices and the desire to make a positive contribution to people’s lives have been the core reason motivating me to have a career in the law profession.

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