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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment
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Capital punishment is a form of punishment where criminals of the capital offense are sentenced to death by their governments (International Commission against Death Penalty, 2018). In most countries, capital offenses include murder, acts of terrorism, and treason. Capital punishment remains a contentious issue in the world with some countries opposing it and others promoting it. The opponents of the capital punishment argue that sentencing criminals to death do not translate to the reduced criminal activities. Nonetheless, the proponents insist that capital punishment serves justice to the society and as such, it is as self-defense for the society. This essay seeks to prove why capital punishment should be allowed in the community.
The opponents of the capital punishment state that allowing capital punishment in the society negates human rights since criminals too have rights (World Coalition against Death Penalty, 2012). Further, they insist that death sentence deny criminals a chance to learn and rectify their mistakes. Secondly, sentencing criminals to death do not serve as a punishment to the offender but to their relatives since dead people cannot learn their mistakes. Also, criminals can be of importance in the society if they are sentenced to life imprisonment rather than death sentence since they learn valuable skills and as such remain productive while in prison.
However, pro…

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