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Can Music Change Your Mood?

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Can Music Change Your Mood?

Category: Creative Essay

Subcategory: Music

Level: College

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Music is a mood setter for any person; it can make you happy or sad. Music can uplift your thoughts; moreover, music can lower your self-esteem. Music can set any mood you want, it all depends on what piece of music you select. Music moods range from being calm to being hyper. Music can give you a positive attitude; however, it can contribute to you having a negative attitude.
If you want to have a bright day, then you can choose to listen to music that makes you happy. You do not have to wake up on the right side of the bed to be happy. Play some music, happiness is for sure. One of the greatest things about setting your mood the right way is that people will notice it, and you can pass the tip. Happiness is a choice; furthermore, happiness can be generated by listening to the right music. Happiness is a choice; music can be associated with our happiness.
Sadness can be induced; music can make you sad. Play a sad song for a wedding or a birthday party and people will change their moods. Most of the times we want to be happy; however, in other cases sadness is inevitable. In funerals people are sad, it is all about the music, and it is also attributed to the dress code. The choice of music can negatively impact your mood. Find an individual who wants to be sad, music can make anyone sad.
Music can set a mood for you, happiness or sadness can be attributed to the choice of music. We all have a right to control our feelings; our choices should not affect those around us. Music …

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