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Forensic Anthropology
The application of anthropology as a science with its subfields that include forensic taphonomy and forensic archeology constitutes Forensic anthropology. Forensics basically is gathering evidence or facts for an investigation, while anthropology is the study of humans (human cultures, languages, occupation, teeth, and bones). This simply means that this field of forensic anthropology involves the study of the remains of the human skeletons to help law enforcement agencies solve the mysteries of identifying unidentified bones. The person who deals with this kind of work is referred to as a forensic anthropologist.
This work involves the construction of a biological outline or profile of the person whose bone is being investigated. From the investigation, the forensic anthropologist will seek to determine the age, sex, ancestry and stature of the person. Furthermore, they will also try to determine various characteristics of the person, such as the injury that led to their death or the disease that caused their death (Sauer, 1998).
All this cannot be achieved by mere speculation but a thorough examination of the bone. To begin with, the anthropologist will have to check and determine that the material he/she has been actually a bone. This is because there are a number of materials that can ignorantly be mistaken for a bone at a first glance, particularly if they were covered by other substances or dirt. Examples in…

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