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Calling Blue

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Calling Blue
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Calling Blue
Virginia Heffernan’s article in The New York Times, Calling Blue: And on That Farm He Had a Cellphone, dated 26th January 2007, talks about a television series show for children that tries to teach children about farm life (Heffernan, 2007). . The article talks about many issues that are both contemporary and traditional. Through the article, many issues have been raised by the author. For instance, the article has revealed the changes that have been brought up by cell phones. Ever since their invention, cell phones have played an integral role in shaping how humans communicate with one another. Through cell phones, the world has been converted into a global village where people can share almost anything with others who are far away. They are also portable as people can walk with their cell phones and access its content anywhere and at any time. That was not possible before their invention. The article talks about Nick Jr. planning to release the show on multiple channels. One of those channels is through “wireless carriers” (Heffernan, 2007). That shows that cell phones are a great avenue for spreading the message. The producers of the show can share the themes of the show to many people around the world through their cell phones without the need of watching television. Many people can access cell phones thereby making it easier to communicate the shows main message.
The article also ha…

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