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Bank Revised

Consultative Management Styles Name Institution Consultative Management Styles Interview Me: Hello, good morning? Manager: Good morning to you. Me: Would you explain to me how you motivate your employees in your organization? Manager: Well, here we have staff development policy whereby employees are offered opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills through further training. We do identify the staff of the year and take him/her together with their family to a trip abroad. Me: Would you talk about staff remuneration in this...

Role Models

Role Models Student Institution My role model and particular behavior that inspires me My role model at work is our team’s manager. He provides so much support and facilitates the spirit of a team. He is so skilled at what we do and offers not only emotional but also technical support at the workplace. Being a new team member, and I am so skilled at what we are supposed to do but the manager of our team has always provided chances for me to learn and make mistakes. The tolerance he has been exhibiting is the value I admire from him; it gives team members to develop confidence in what we do, and also it relieves work related stress induced by very strict managers....

Business Studies #2

Section A Question 1 Social responsibility can be taken as an ethical concept, in which one is liable for accomplishing the public duty assigned to; the actions that are to be made by any given individual has to profit the whole members of the society. In such a case, there has to be equilibrium between the welfare of the community and the surroundings and the economic growth of any given setting. If such balance is upheld, then the social responsibility is thus realized. Question 2 Being socially responsible generates a positive image and goodwill for the organization’s brand. Good reputation and trust are selected group’s most treasured assets. Without such factors, a business organization...

Global Sociocultural Responsibility: Prepared to participate actively as informed and responsible citizens in social, cultural, global and environmental matters.

Name: Teacher's Name: Course: Date: Global Sociocultural Responsibility. A trip to Barcelona is one ideal get-away for the opportunity to help mould me in the exchange of skills, knowledge, attitudes and experiences with the people and students from around Barcelona, Madrid and Spain at large, as I seek to become a well-moulded, informed and responsible citizen in social, cultural, environmental and global matters. Socially, this trip would help me interact with fellow students from around Barcelona and seek to bond beyond the norm of mass media such as through television; social media such as through Facebook, Twitter among other...

Analysis of case study

Name: Institution: Course: Date of submission: CASE ANALYSIS OF TOOTHSOME LTD. Introduction The purpose of this case study analysis is to scrutinize and evaluate the financial records of Toothsome LTD Company between fiscal periods 2015 & 2014. The analysis would showcase whether the decision to change the line of operation and expansion of his business was a viable idea to uplift the profits of the enterprise. Toothsome LTD is a private company that has specialized in design and production of dental implants. On the contrary, the initial business was manufacturing of dental implants and supply of other dental equipment to the dentist within the local market of Swansea and South Wales....

Faux Luxury-The High Cost of Counterfeit Goods

Name Instructor Course Date The High Cost of Counterfeit Goods Counterfeiting luxury goods is a global problem, which is depriving the country billions of money. When people knowingly or unknowing are made to purchase a good that are not copyrights of the owner. It may lead to infringement of the laws that protect the people who have produced original work. Also because of counterfeiting products increase, governments have come up with intellectual property laws that are meant to protect people from counterfeits. People should know that it is not good for people to use counterfeit products as they have a lot of adverse effects on individuals, businesses and the nation as a whole....

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Student’s Full Name College’s Name Thesis Statement In this essay, we shall use the business model of a lemonade stand to answer a handful of questions concerning the way a business operates. Although a lemonade stand has a simple structure, it can help us illustrating the concepts of business. We shall address each subject separately to keep a thorough, and cohesive discourse. Introduction To start our essay, we shall answer a handful of questions concerning the foundations of our company. Develop a Creative Name for the Lemonade Stand We decided to use the name: “Pucker Up”. It is related to the tangy flavor of the lemonade and also resembles the motion...


Project Management – Touring Class Motorcycles Project Management – Touring Class Motorcycles Introduction The firm has been a well-renowned manufacturer in the motorcycle cruisers and requires further expansion for producing motorcycles for the touring class and is quite favorable for long-distance travels. Other specifics of it includes that the motors should have to be larger than 1000 cc and targeted to customers that are males between the age group of 35 and 60 years on the global scale. The core challenge as a project manager is to manage different resources for providing grounds for such massive expansion and hence, take steps and strategies that can enhance the changeover of...

Literature Review

Entrepreneurship in Micro-Business Management: A Literature Review Name Institution Entrepreneurship in Micro-Business Management: A Literature Review Literature review Entrepreneurship plays an important role in promoting innovation and most of providing opportunity for self-employment. Through entrepreneurship, small sized businesses are born which not only meet the needs of the consumers but also solve the existing problems. Entrepreneurs come up with new and relatively cheap products that meet the consumer needs. Entrepreneurship makes small sized business more competitive and efficient. Despite the impact of entrepreneurship on an individual level, it has a significant impact on the small...