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Business Systems Analysis and Design

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Business Systems Analysis and Design

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: IT Technology

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For easier visualisation and implementation of the project, it has been divided into four stages: 1) Cask procurement and initial inspection; 2) Whisky production; 3) Whisky harvesting and blending; and, 4) Post-harvesting cask inspection. Through the structured approach, it is possible and easy to visualise all the information flow stages throughout the process. For instance, it allows the company to visualise all the stages involved in the whisky production from procurement of the casks to the harvesting and blending of the same.
While most production processes are internally undertaken, Bilston engages external parties in the whisky production process. These primarily act as cask suppliers (before the use of casks) and inspectors (after use of the casks). This shows the inseparable nature of Bilston’s operations from its internal and external partners. In essence, maintaining such relations requires high-level communication among the partners; hence, the need for information flow management.
Although Bilston sources for its casks from the local London-based dealer, the casks are manufactured in Portugal. As a consequence, each level of operation in the manufacturer-dear and dealer-Bilston relations need to effectively manage its information flow process. However, since the project is primarily based on Bilston, specific focus has been given to the initial analysis relating to its core whisky production processes. Auxiliary functions not directly related to the whisk…

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