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Business Start Up Proposal

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Business Start Up Proposal

Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Computer Science

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Business startup proposal
The emerging trends in business have led to migration from analogue method to Digital method. However, e-commerce is currently one of the most commonly used digital methods and it involves online business transactions. In addition, just like the traditional market, The Internet offers a platform where buyers and sellers meet and negotiate on the price of goods and services.
Moreover, main objectives of adapting e-commerce in this new restaurant supply business are to enable transaction of business to be efficient and ease accessibility and attraction of a large number of customers periodically. Basically, in order to implement e-commerce technology, the business must have an official website which will be uploaded to the Internet where transactions such as advertising and selling products online on behalf of the six companies will be carried out. Also, the business requires an official email and contacts.
On the contrary, in order for to facilitate a website, email and contacts, a laptop and tablet devices will be necessary for the reasons that they are portable and have advanced specifications compared to a computer. A tablet device will serve as a multipurpose device since it will be used as a mobile phone and also as a mini-computer device. However, it will facilitate the online business transaction in all localities. The efficient and reliable operating system to be installed on the computer is Windows 7 which not complex compare to other a…

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