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Business Plan Revised

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Business Plan Revised

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Nutrition and Diet

Level: College

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Business Plan: Pre-Planning
My business would be home health care services, under the name Avenchi Health Care Services. The business will provide premium home health services, as well as community-based social services. The purpose to deliver this is to fill the niche that is present within the region. The community is in dire need of quality home health care and social services. I believe that employing a competent and well-skilled staff and providing these staff members with organized and responsive management will help realize the goals of the business. The business will serve different clients ranging from maternity patients to children and even adult. The services will include; diagnosis, treatment, prescription as well as emergency services.
The most compelling reason for starting the business is the fact that there is still a large market waiting for investors here. So many people in need of various medical attentions. However, the hospitals available cannot meet the demand. The services we will be providing will be of high quality and will improve the health of the community. Already there are companies providing almost similar services to ours, and they are our major competitors. However, Avenchi Healthcare services are different in the sense that it will give much attention to customer satisfaction. The services will also be at affordable prices.
Avenchi Healthcare Services business requires a total of $ 70,000 for its startup. This money will help in acquiring various assets that are necessary. The business plans on taking a 5-years loan to help fund its startup. The assumption is that there will be 100% sales on credit.
Rough outline:
The business plan has eight parts. The first part in the proposal is the executive summary. Here there is the illustration of the mission and the vision of the business. The next part is the company summary; here there is illustrations of the ownership of the company and the start-up summary. The next part, services; describes the services the company will offer. Following is the Market Analysis Summary where there are a different analysis of the current status of the market. Next are the strategy and summary implementation part. This section describes the various strategies such as marketing, sales strategy, and the milestones. Following is the management summary that includes the personnel plan. The various job descriptions are highlighted in this section. The business plan has a Financial Plan section that details the profit and loss tables, as well as cash flow tables. The last part is the appendix where figures, tables and graphs have been represented.

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