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Business Coursework

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Business Coursework

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Business

Level: University

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Human Resource Management

Week 1
Having effective HR metrics and analytics is one of the functions of the HR that is closely associated with its strategic role within the organization, as suggested by Lawler (2012). This function enables HRM to keep a holistic overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the human resource deployed by the company. Consequently, the management can ensure that HR needs are assessed and managed effectively, which allows for proper training and development of the staff, thereby, adding to the productivity and efficiency of the company. This, as a result, ensures that the HR adds to the strategic goals of the company. The use of proper metrics and analytics also help in the appropriate management of change within the company, which is also a strategic orientation that aids in the development and maintenance of sustainable competitive advantage over the rivals (Martin, 2016).
Week 2
One of the HR strategies that align with the corporate strategy is that of training and development in the case of many organizations. An example of this could be the HR strategy of IBM, which focuses on leading transformation and advanced training development of the employees. The corporate strategy of IBM, on the other hand, focuses on growth through the innovation. In this case, training the employees and facilitating the process of change management, the HRM of the company ensures that an environment of continuous development is establis…

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