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Business admission essay

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27 September 2015
Admission Essay
Since my childhood, I always dreamt of going to a prestigious university so that I could increase my chances of living a better life. My parents say that as a young child, I was very bright and ambitious; no wonder that I always topped my class. Though, I loved my schooling environment in South Korea, my family was forced to immigrate to Chicago in the United States after my parents changed jobs. Therefore, while, in 6th grade, I had to change my school and adapt to the new schooling system in the US. Consequently, I lived with my family in Chicago for 15 years, a period through which I completed my high school in 2005.
Unlike in South Korea, I came to learn that before attending college, all people must have a social number and a green card. However, since I did not have any of these required documents, I decided to work for a shipping company to gain experience before I joined college. During this period, my parents allowed me to live alone so that I could mature and know how to deal with the challenges of life. To say the least, the experience of living and becoming independent was highly valuable because I learned how to interact with people and improve my social life.
Although, I enjoyed working in the shipping industry, I soon realized that the company was not stable, and my future in that field was not bright enough. Therefore, I had to think fast of how I would go back to college and enhance my education. However, after I completed high school, my mind was not made up, and I was not sure of the course I wanted to pursue at the university. Besides, my boyfriend looked down upon me, because he did not like my work in the shipping industry and even our 5-year relationship. Furthermore, my boyfriend broke my heart by marrying a girl who had completed a nursing course. Due to this reason, I was motivated to go back to college and pursue a medical course so that I can have a stable future, and also prove to my boyfriend that I can also make it in life.
After a long wait and difficult journey to join college, I finally got a green card in 2012. I was so delighted, and after getting my social number, I invited my friends for a party. I also informed my parents of the wonderful news, and they promised to support my education. Besides, I had made enough savings from my shipping job to pay for my first year in college. In 2013, I moved to California to attend college, and I was extremely delighted to have achieved my dreams. Furthermore, my education represents a major milestone because I am the first person from our extended family to join the University. Towards this end, I hope that given this chance, I will become a role model for my siblings and encourage others to pursue their dreams.


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