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Business Admission Essay

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Business Admission Essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Business

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Instructor’s name:
Date:My learning journey has been remarkable. Over time, I have acquired various qualifications that have consistently improved my resume and credentials thereby guaranteeing that I have the skills required for me to favorably and effectively compete in the job market. I currently hold an Associate degree in Computer Science. I am well aware of the required credit score that one needs for he/she to get a placement in your organization and it is my firm belief that I have attained the necessary prerequisites. While at your institution, I will be pursuing a major in Business Management.
I have acquired vast academic knowledge and work experience in recent years, and therefore getting an opportunity to pursue this course in your institution will be very beneficial as it will add to my knowledge and help me grow to become even more experienced for the competitive world we live in. In the course of my career, I have been exposed to the demands of the job market that have seen me gain attributes such as self-discipline, assertiveness, and flexibility which are necessary for this course. I have also learned to work well without having to be supervised and to uphold integrity in all that I do. I am a strong believer in the virtue of hard work as a means to success, and this has enabled me to get various promotions in my previous jobs and other capacities. I also strive to ensure that I work in a team so as to gain from the different perspec…

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