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bureaucracies, Groupthink

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bureaucracies, Groupthink

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Bureaucracies have become a daily norm when interacting with both public and private entities. As a customer of Apple, PayPal, and very many other companies, interacting with bureaucracies is ideally predictive. For instance, the last time this writer made payments using PayPal for an item on E-bay, this writer has to go through numerous processes just to lodge a complaint and for the company to track down the money spent on an undelivered good, which in hindsight could have been handled by just one staff member. The ordeal began when making a phone call, and in which the machine took approximately an hour to link this writer with the next agent who then asked a couple of questions to verify whether this writer’s personal information matches those he used when registering for the account. After that, the call was transferred to another operator, who subsequently made another transfer to another operator, who supposedly directly handles such complaints.
There are negative consequences that results from groupthink, and these are generally manifested by the lack of individual uniqueness, creativity, and free thoughts, which are sacrificed on the altar of group cohesiveness. Groupthink implies the decline in mental efficiency, moral judgments and reality examinations that result from a close-knit group pressure. Moreover, a negative consequence of the groupthink naturally occurs when there is…

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