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Category: Research Paper

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The West and the Formation of Modern United States of America
In this essay, we shall do a thorough analysis regarding U.S. and the westward expansion. The Westward expansion began with the annexing of Texas and California and marked a new era for the country. In this essay, we shall speak specifically about the Buffalo soldiers; the northwest ordinance, and the concept of manifest destiny. These three situations shaped the west, and the America we know today, turning it into the country we know.
The Buffalo Soldiers. On 28 July 1866, after the Civil War, U.S. Congress enacted a legislation that aimed to reorganize and restructure the Army. The act, known as reorganization Act authorized the creation of six regiments composed of African-American soldiers (Williams 1). This Act revolutionized the army, as for the first time in the country’s history; black men could serve in the army as regular soldiers. Their name come from the Native Americans, who considered after seeing the texture of the soldiers’ hair, said it resembled buffalo’s hair. The functions of these regiments in the Westward expansion were many since their abilities were employed to fight against rebellious natives; outlaws; Mexican revolutionaries, and cattle thieves. In the same way, when there were no enemies in sight, the Buffalo soldiers repaired and rebuilt forts and towns, providing safety to the new settlers of the cities recently…


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