Bubonic plague

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Bubonic plague

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Bubonic plague was a great lethal pestilence that occurred in the city of and district of Florence in the year of the Lord 1348. However, it caused a negative impact in Europe whereby it affected its political, social, and economical status. In addition, it was reported that it did not spare anyone neither did the medicine or physicians effectively. Europe got politically affected because the mortality rate kept increasing every day. Furthermore, the physicians were not spared as well hence the government had a hard time controlling the plague in the whole city. The bishop and Lord ordered an inquiry of the dead since no more death was reported from the beginning of October. Consequently, the mortality affected the population of the city hence causing a negative impact politically.

On the other hand, the tempestuous pestilence also caused a great negative impact on the social aspect of Europe during that period it had occurred. People could abandon their homes and relatives and flee to another village which had been spread with the pestilence. They could not do anything to save the life of those who were sick since they feared that they could also contract the disease. The physicians who were left alive could not interact with the patients neither could they touch them whenever they enter the house to treat them. However, families were no longer sensible since they resulted in splitting and leaving the sick to die due to hunger since there was no one to look after them.
Consequently, there was a great economic depression whereby there was an exaggeration of prices related to commodities and services. Becammorti and servants who take care of the ill were paid high prices that enriched them. Commodities that were eaten by the ill people were expensive such as poultry and eggs. This could possibly lead to inflation in the city since some commodities could not be found in the market such as wax.

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