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Briefly describe why you want to be a music major at SRU

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Admission at SRU
A University is known to constantly explore nature’s limits through exceeding the set expectations. As a matter of fact, SRU, known for its exemplary academic services, prides itself in admitting both foreign and domestic students. I must acknowledge the fact that SRU has been the University of my Dreams.
This center of excellence provides learning complex dynamics in some disciplines ranging from humanities, sciences and arts from which Music falls. I couldn’t be more pleased being a bonafide member of this University. Securing an admission at SRU has vindicated my inner desire to formalize my passion for Music as a unit. All thanks to my new experience in this University. Up to this moment, I have known better than ever before that SRU is my future since it is through it that I seek a permanent opportunity to pursue my passion for Music.
One of the many reasons as to why I want to pursue Music as a major in SRU is due to the extremely rigorous programs offered in the faculty. Besides, there are high caliber musicians with a wide range of experience from whom I can learn some things. For instance, Slippery Rock’s Jazz, a product of the University is known for its national appeal and fame among other important quality programs. In this regard, I want to be part of the jazz ensemble that will see to it that I attain both challenging and competitive skills thereby gaining the feeling of a fulfilled program experi…

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