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Brexit, approved by a majority of the Britons ended the long debate whether the future of the country should fall outside or still be within the boundaries of European Union (EU). The political and economic debate has been the key factors running the show with supporters and opposers almost equally divided in numbers. The supporters based their facts on the long-term benefits of the move while the contenders viewed the short-term problems as catastrophic enough to have the country prefer to stay within the EU. Brexit according to several economists and researchers shows a promising future in terms of trade and investment within the Britain market. Operating business outside the scope of the EU meant Britain could develop its own trade laws and regulations and conduct business with more countries as they wish. The opportunity to make more out of investing in Britain after Brexit show a potential rise in the number of investments in the county. Furthermore, the political outcome of Brexit was more inclined on the positive side with the country gaining more political power and influence when operating alone rather than as part of EU.
Keywords: Brexit, European Union, political, economic, short-term, long-term

On June 23rd, 2016, marked the day when the Britons ended the long political debate on whether to exit or stick as members of European Union. According to Dhingra et al. (2016), over 52 percen…

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