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Brands Woo Millennials with a Wink, an emoji, or whatever it takes

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Brands Woo Millennials with a Wink, an emoji, or whatever it takes

This article is a discussion about how digital marketers are finding it hard to connect with the millennials. Millennials, here, refer to a demographic unit following generation x and known as Generation Y. The article describes them to be a typical generation that grew up on the internet. The article summarizes some of their behaviors. The article describes them to be individuals who do not watch traditional TV but instead subscribe to services such as Netflix. These individuals do not have like reading newspapers. The individuals usually skip commercials online and usually block ads and popups.

The article highlights examples of some of the remarks made by both the players in the field of advertising as well as individuals who fall in this unit, the Millennials. Some of these remarks made include; the remark that “everything you about advertising chuck-it”, made by the chief executive of Starcom MediaVest Group. Here Laura was referring to the fact that the field of advertising has completely changed.
Some millennials feel that the ads don’t appeal to them, and they regard them as a waste of time as one of Perel’s remarks. They don’t see how these ads are useful in any way on their phones. The article then illustrates the new form of marketing where they use emoji that appeal to the millennials. Examples of companies using this method are; General Electric and Domino’s Pizza. The article then goe…

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