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Category: Coursework

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Question 1
The important aspect of the brainstem is its purpose as the conduction center of the brain since all the information that is relayed between the body, the cerebrum and the cerebellum transverse via the brain stem. Additionally, the brainstem has functions that integrate with the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in addition to cranial nerves emerging from this region of the brain thus the contribution to alertness and awareness along with pain sensitivity control (Sinha, 2000).
With the functions of the brainstem and its contribution to the body, diseases of the brainstem result from abnormalities of the cranial nerves with manifestations that include visual disturbances abnormality in the pupils along with altered sensations. Other manifestations include speech difficulty and coordination difficulties with critical implications including locked-in syndrome from brain stroke (Sinha, 2000). The dysfunctions in this area impact occupations through their effect on the social function as well as on employment. An example is a machine operator suffering from brainstem dysfunction who may experience visual disturbances in addition to coordination difficulties that may cause injury to the individual and others in the workplace.
Question 2
In psychology, the vestibular system can be understood from the context of its contribution to spatial orientation and balance. The dysfunctions in the vestibular system…

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