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Border Patrol

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Border Patrol

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Border Patrol
Border Patrol
The effectiveness of America’s border control has been on for multiple decades. For the past years, the US/Mexican border has been under close security because there have been many attempts of holding back drug dealers and immigrants from Mexico but it has failed. Large fences were built near major cities and many laws were established to reinforce racial tendencies of law enforcers. Some might argue on view that fences are working properly to manage illegal migrants and drug dealers, but these claims are not the case. Many migrants look at it as simple obstacle. “Britain of criminal justice rhetoric and policy as a means of securing the border and the implications of this reliance on criminal justice discourses in the development of immigration and asylum policies” (David , 1996)
Border Patrol makes the majority personnel that America has placed on its border. The Immigrant Reform and Control Act was put to emphasis on use of illegal immigration, but the same borders are the one being used with helicopters and Hummers in presence of these officers. Citizenship has become a buzz word of political discourse and policy formation (Zedner, 2010). There are many instances that show ineffectiveness of these fences, many drug dealers have been suspected driving through and immigrants crossing illegally through the borders each day. The cartels take collect money from American citizens which they use to buy weapons and eventually used against the citizens and control over the areas. And this is the reason that the U.S Border Patrol has recorded the highest active-duty deaths than other government agency.
There are those who claim the exact opposite by arguing that the Border Patrol is an agency of government trained personnel who do their work effectively; they are provided with the a good training and tools necessary for their work. These are ridiculous claims; The Border Patrol cannot even explain how effective it is. Edwin Mora argued about how the Border Patrol doesn’t have a proper way of gauging the effectiveness of its strategy. Just this year, the issue became addressed when American citizens wanted a more precise feeling for how much progress the agency was making, due to the much money that was being spent on the border. Most of them claimed to have denied justice due to their suffering even after complaining to the respective governments. According to Mora, the acting Director for Homeland Security and Justice Issues at the Government Accountability Office, Rebecca Gambler, stated that the Border Patrol “does not contain performance measures to assess its effectiveness” (Mora, Edwin, May 8, 2012).this implied that even though they can report how much of the border is “under control” the agency will not report how effective it is at their work. This casts a large shadow of doubt on their performance and their rights as far as justice is concern. While to government it is realistic to build a wall, to many people it doesn’t make sense. A good example is a friend of mine who entered in the country form Mexico, he was asked by the American agent if he was American citizen, he replied yes and he was tolled “has a nice day”
Most of immigrants have been mistaken in many cases regarding their rights while crossing this borders, the agency handling immigrants are found either discriminating some races or selected countries on the basis of terrorism and criminal practices. This should not be the case because US has numerous projects that are attached to many countries and they have to consider that international integration occurs in any area. Laws and regulations on the border should not affect all immigrants’ freedom. Most of the cases on the border have not been handled with accuracy hence damaging the justice immigrants. When Islamic group was captured at Mexican/American border, before being found guilty, they were detained in American soil despite of them requesting to be deported in Mexico where they had their mission.
Many killings have been reported by the Border Patrol team in these borders, most of which are motorists without offence. Over last three years, Border Patrol has refused to publish the names of the officers responsible or involved for disciplinary measures. A widow has been complaining the death of her husband (Anastasio) as a result of killing at the border near San Diego but she claims the agents responsible have not been punished for her and the family to get justice. This vice has been reported in San Diego, Texas to California, but with slow action and corruption within the agency, most of victims are less likely to obtain justice as Attorney General Eric argues.
Drug traffickers and terrorists are less concern with the laws governing the borders, and they are the people who will enter in a country no matter which kind of rules are. The country should have a vigilant control of immigrants on the border, to avoid illegal immigrants who cause harm on the citizens and at the same time establishing legal migrants to avoid jurisdictions. Proper scrutiny in Border Patrol agencies should done occasionally to flush out corruption and incompetence that hinders its performance.
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