Book/movie review

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Book/movie review
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Big Fish Novel

Name: Institution: Course: Date: “Big Fish” Book Review William's perceptions about his father as a liar start changing when he decides to consider the stories he was told by his father, Edward. Furthermore, though he had spent most of his time angry about his father telling stories of lies to everyone he uses the story to reconstruct the image of the father he knew even if some of the parts of his father's life are not clear. However, William realizes that some of his father’s stories were true and acknowledges, “my father’s youthful exploits were many, and the stories told even to this day are beyond count.”(p 31), indicating that the stories had already influenced him. It is...

Movie Review revised

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Movie Review The movie “Social Policy in Concrete” provides a sickening image of people suffering diseases that are caused by their dwelling in specific environments. One of such neighborhoods is Detroit. The city which was one of the thriving industrial towns is depicted as an abandoned old city. The previously busy industries have left the city as a breeding ground for asthma. The asthma comes from pollution caused by elements released by the industries. People living the proximity to the area have been diagnosed with chronic cases of asthma. One such resident is Mrs. Ophelia Owes whose children suffer from the disease. The disease is a...

Rhetorical summary

Rhetorical summary Stephanie Fairyington, in her article “The Gay option”, published in Utne Reader (2010) presents her experience of opening up about her sexuality to her mother and a critique on researcher’s idea of sexuality being a choice rather than biological. Fairyington argues that political advantage is drawn from labeling homosexuals as being natural rather than a trait. An example is given to suggest that this choice is one of the desires she chose to act on. Additionally, she challenges that the political strategy that has made significant gains to gay rights mostly misrepresents homosexuality as a biological character. Logos are used in her article here she provides historical...

Response Paper: Social Media

Response Paper: Social Media Stuart’s Purpose in Writing the Article In his article, Stuart focuses on educating law enforcement officers regarding the risks and rewards associated with the use of social media in their domain of work. He classifies the benefits of social media to law enforcement agencies as public relations, crime investigation, and prevention. According to Stuart, departments associated with law enforcement can open new communication avenues with the general public by increasing their presence on social media (Stuart 138). Social media allows these agencies to not only receive instantaneous information from the public, but it also acts as an electronic platform for interaction...

discussion board

Name Instructor Course Date Discussion Board There are different academic writings some which are difficult to comprehend by the students. In the case of the difficult piece of writing, one needs to develop techniques that will help to comprehend such texts. In my case, I adopt the following techniques to help me comprehend the difficult piece of writing. First, before I start actual reading of the text, I do previewing where I look at the piece of writing. Previewing helps in getting to know what the writing is all about and the content of what I will be reading. Through previewing, I get to know the structure of the text and how it is organized as well as trying to bring the background...

For Whom the Bell Tolls book report

Name Instructor Course Date For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls is a narrative about a young combatant and expert dynamiter, Robert Jordan, fighting with the anti-fascists in Spain during the civil battles CITATION Hem02 l 1033 (Hemingway). Robert who combats against the fascist militaries is ordered to destroy a bridge with the help of local paramilitary soldiers to prevent the enemy forces from retaliating following a forthcoming attack. During his assignment, Robert meets Anselmo who is his guide to the secret guerrilla base camp and also intercessor between Robert and the rebel soldiers. His quest, however, clashes with the reluctance and aggression of the...

Michael Porter – Strategy

Michael Porter – Strategy Business Studies Professor Date According to Porter, what IS NOT strategy? Porter noted that operational effectiveness is not a strategy as the rivals can easily imitate the approach (Wood, Roy and Bob 168). Despite enhancing performance superiority, operational effectiveness applies technical plans that are easy to replicate. Besides, a list of goals does not constitute a strategy as objectives require planning, decision, and actions to create value mix for the customers. According to Porter, what IS strategy? Porter notes a strategy entails conscious efforts by a firm to being different from other operators in the same industry. In this case, Porter argued the...