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Body Machanics

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Body Machanics

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Nutrition and Diet

Level: College

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Words: 275

Body mechanics
Gait abnormality refers to deformity from the normal walking while Joint pain is the condition that can be instigated by disease or injury of the joint or the tissues different tissues adjacent to the joint(Cailliet, Rene,38). Walking in water also referred to as water aerobics and engaging in cycling would both be appropriate because they are both forms of low impact workouts or exercises which can provide adequate support to his joints and let his muscles contract and strengthen as joints are sustained. This is factual in the water where the aquatic environment supports all of the submerged body as well as motionless cycling whereby his body weight is supported, and monotonous cycling motion exercises the calf muscles and the quadriceps devoid of the impact or walking or running (Fleming, Rex, and William T. Green, 33). Exercising by walking in water is the lowermost kind of impact that he can engage in. There are many types of water aerobics available for him. He only needs to look up a routine for himself.
An illustration of a five-day program would be alternating walking in water or water aerobics thirty to forty-five minutes a day or walking two to three lengths of a very shallow pool of exercise, interchanging with thirty to forty-five minutes of motionless cycling with slow and increasing opposition to the cycle. My reasons for not using other forms of exercise would mainly be because the other forms, for instance, running and walking are most likely to put much more weight, and stress on the joints and knees and they would cause the patient a much higher chance of failing to complete the program attributable to deteriorating joint pain.
Work cited:
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