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Black Identity

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Black Identity

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Level: Masters

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#3. Cross and Fhagen-Smith’s model of black identity development
Evolution of black identity has been widely discussed through various models. Cross and Fhagen-Smith developed a model which provided multiple sectors for an understanding of the nigrescence theory which critically provided knowledge to overall human development. Since development process is traced throughout individual’s life, the sectors factored in various dimensions that contributed to black identity development in life.
The first sector of the model described identity development process during an early stage in life, that is, infancy and childhood (Patton, Renn, Guido & Quaye, 2016). Cross and Fhagen analyzed factors such as income, traditions and practices and their impacts on child’s socialization and awareness with the outside world. The second sector of their model aimed to build an understanding of identity development during preadolescence and the role of the parents in teaching in enforcing and alignment towards black identity. Through parents’ negativity in socialization and relationship ties with the close neighbors, children develop self-concepts that develop to self-hatred to stereotyping black affiliates.
Adolescence was categorized in the third sector of black identity (Patton, Renn, Guido & Quaye, 2016). They argued that during this stage of development, many ch…

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