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Category: Biographies

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Gary Box is the current senior manager at Carillion PLC UK. Previously dealings involved working for various companies and corporate clients in the United Kingdom, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Gary Box is a dedicated, flexible, high caliber manager in facilities and operations. Previous roles have helped nurture the necessary skills for the management of both hard and soft services. Current duties involve supporting the senior management team and liaising with high PDO clients.
In the course of working as a manager, Gary Box has offered service in several industries; they include the private sector and charity organizations with exhibited expertise in facilities management. In addition to the acquired skills, problem-solving, making things happen, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-motivated, energetic, and reliable are some of the attributes that make me the desired manager.
It is an experience of over twenty years that Gary Box carries since stepping out of college. In the course of managing both long and short-term facilities, service has been rendered in the capacities of interim facility management, mobilization and change management, project management, and total facility management. At the tender age of 19 I had begun serving as the general manager of a ten-bed hotel; shortly after that, at 22 years I became the director general of Bath’s busiest nightclub. Working in the hospitality industry straight from college entailed taught me that cl…

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