Biography essay

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Biography essay
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Imaginative biography

Name: Course Name: Course Instructor: Date of submission: Imaginative Biography Life in the 1950’s was not a walk in the park as it is now. I was among the few African- American’s to receive education with the whites. Education was not easy as it was accompanied with lots of house chores, farm work, and raising my siblings. At the age of 19, I got a chance in the College of Greece. I fell in love with your grandfather. He intrigued me as he was the only black in my class. We met during class discussions and during breaks. He made me happy. I remember the day I confirmed I was really pregnant. There were no hospitals compared to the current days. Medicine men used herbal treatments to cure...

biography on Walter Christaller

Student’sName Professor’s Name Subject Date Walter Christaller and the Central Places Theory In this essay, we aim to provide some biographical facts about Walter Christaler as a way to understand the role he played in modern geography. Also, we intend to explain his central places theory in a jargon-free way that can be easily understood. INTRODUCTION Walter Christaller Biography. Walter Christaller was born in 1893 in Berneck, Germany. He studied philosophy and political economics. After pursuing a variety of occupations, he returned to his studies and published his most famous dissertation "The Central Places in Southern Germany". In that dissertation, he explained and developed his...

Compare and contrast to war autobiographies

German and British Memoirs Name Institution German and British Memoirs Introduction World War 1 generated an extraordinary collection of war books and novels. Tragically, insightful work based on the subject of troopers' Encounters of the World War 1 intended to embrace the writing to frustration basing on the illustrative of the perspectives of most fighters who battled in the prevailing war. On the other hand, war journals speak to a wide variety of perspectives; a few officers delighted in the on-going war that some of the soldiers hated it, however, most of this soldiers were not able to choose how they felt about the prevailing. There is an overview of a few British and German...

Drugs, Medications, and substances castoff to give treatment

Medicine has many meanings but according to my knowledge medicine is the Knowledge of Health-giving, the training of the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease and advancement of health. Drugs, Medications and substances castoff to give treatment and antidote to diseases and to uphold health. A collection of trainees’ emphases on the learning of healing, its antiquity from antediluvian times until to date and the prescriptions and curing methods are used. Any way people describe medicine the push of the significance is the similar treatment, diagnosis and anticipation of disease, concern for patients, loyalty to their wellbeing and health. Over the eras of women and men who have molded...

donald trump

Surname: Date: Institution: Donald Trump Despite his antics, it seems that Donald Trump, contrary to popular news and belief, is actually climbing up the polls. A recent NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll put Donald Trump at 21 percent, up two points since July. The news outlets have been releasing varied reports of Trump's poll numbers, some having him up, and other having him down. Regardless of his position, Republican leaders and other conservative leaders are now beginning to take him more seriously, confronting him on personal and moral grounds, and there are many instances. He has, among other things, attacks prisoners of war for being captured. He has demonized millions of citizens,...