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Biography Gary Box is the current senior manager at Carillion PLC UK. Previously dealings involved working for various companies and corporate clients in the United Kingdom, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. Gary Box is a dedicated, flexible, high caliber manager in facilities and operations. Previous roles have helped nurture the necessary skills for the management of both hard and soft services. Current duties involve supporting the senior management team and liaising with high PDO clients. In the course of working as a manager, Gary Box has offered service in several industries; they include the private sector and charity organizations with exhibited expertise in facilities management. In...


Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Motivations and Inspirations Trustworthy Leadership: leaders that support the employs motivate the performance of the employs, and this is one of my motivations. Being Relevant: I must learn new techniques and invest in abilities to remain relevant in the workplace. Proving Others Wrong: one should not allow discrimination or stereotyping affect him or her. Career Advancement: I always want to improve my life career-wise, and this motivates me in the workplace. No Regrets: I will not carry loads of gilts for the past mistakes, but instead I will have to work and fix the previous errors. Stable Future: another motivation in my career is to have security and...

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Biography Prior to joining Greenstone Equity Partners in January 2018, Faisal was at Samba Financial Group where he worked from 2014 to December 2017. From 2015 to 2017, he worked at the position of a relationship manager and credit risk officer where he was concerned with the managing a multi-billion dollar portfolio and providing strategic investment advice to high-net-worth clients. In spite of being the youngest relationship manager just out of school, he had the largest portfolio that he helped grow from its 2015 value of SAR 1 billion to a 2017 value of SAR 2.5 billion. This was a whopping growth of 150 % from the initial value of the portfolio. In 2015, he...