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bioengineer’s discourse community

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18th November 2015
Bioengineer’s Discourse Community: Editorial Board of “Nature” journal
A discourse community is defined as a group of individuals who share common interests, goals and procedural approach to meet specific mission. Hence, these people have a common language of interacting between themselves. Such language does not merely mean communication, but the feelings, thoughts, emotions and deliverables with respect to a particular needful is common. These communities are formed to help or aid in a social cause or scientific cause, which may help in development of community or prevent harm to a community or improve the quality of life of individuals living in a community. To initiate such philosophies, these individuals have a common course of action which is replicated at all levels, irrespective the entity of an individual (Little & Sayers 73-86).
The individuals of a discourse community are guided by the Fitness Discourse Community map. These individuals are united through common goals. Common goals may include strength, flexibility and vitality for a specific function. They may also be united through a set of values that may include ensuring safety for others, creating accountability for the job done by the group or other groups, acts to motivate a set of individuals. These groups may also have a specialized system of vocabulary and articulation. They may also belong to a specific ge…

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