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science in the media

Science and Media Name of the Student Professor’s Name Science and Media Q1. Whenever I hear the word "Scientist" I relate them as a power of innovation. I view Scientists with great awe and respect. It is because them we are finding solutions to various problems, which exists in this world and this society. Whether it is a field of clinical sciences or technological sciences, scientists have created a revolution, all across the world. Without the innovative power of scientists we could not have even imagined, the "apps" or an "i-phone". The eradication of small pox and inventions of newer interventions to cure a diseased individual has come from the relentless will power and knowledge of...

bioengineer’s discourse community

Name of the Student Professors Name Biology 18th November 2015 Bioengineer’s Discourse Community: Editorial Board of “Nature” journal A discourse community is defined as a group of individuals who share common interests, goals and procedural approach to meet specific mission. Hence, these people have a common language of interacting between themselves. Such language does not merely mean communication, but the feelings, thoughts, emotions and deliverables with respect to a particular needful is common. These communities are formed to help or aid in a social cause or scientific cause, which may help in development of community or prevent harm to a community or improve the quality...

Variation and selection in the MM21 origami bird

Variation and Selection in the MM21 Origami Bird Background The Hardy-Weinberg principle states that gene frequencies in a population remain constant while the genotype frequency of a population becomes the first generation of random mating. However, this situation is not obeyed and both gene frequencies and genotype frequencies are subjected to change under the effects of mutation, natural selection, reproductive fitness and random drift in individuals of a population (Turchin, 2001). Natural selection occurs at individual levels when such...

Poor Oral Health May Cause Cardiovascular Diseases

Poor Oral Health May Cause Cardiovascular Disease Name: Unit: Course: Professor: Submission Date: Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction: General Overview PAGEREF _Toc437246853 h 3Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc437246854 h 4Discussion PAGEREF _Toc437246855 h 9Risk factors PAGEREF _Toc437246856 h 10Obstacles to quality oral healthcare PAGEREF _Toc437246857 h 12Prevention and Control PAGEREF _Toc437246858 h 12Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc437246859 h 14Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc437246860 h 15References PAGEREF _Toc437246861 h 16 Introduction: General OverviewAccording to Dolce, Haber & Shelley (2012) oral terminology refers to mouth; gums, teeth and mouth supporting tissues....

Present a Genetic Disease

Name: Professor: Title: Date: Present a Genetic Disease Introduction Haemophilia is a hereditary genetic disease which impairs the function of blood clotting in the body. Blood clotting often assists in stopping excessive bleeding when a vessel is ruptured. The most common type of the disorder is type A which is found in every 1 in between 5000 to 10000 males. Type B of the disorder is found in 1 of every 20000 to 34000 males (Bowen 128). Signs and symptoms Symptoms for the disorder include external and internal bleeding periods, and this depends on the severity of the conditions. Individuals with harsh haemophilia often have frequent bleeds compared to those who have mild haemophilia...

Telomere length loss due to smoking and metabolic traits

Telomere Length Loss Due To Smoking and Metabolic Traits Name Course Institution Introduction The telomere is an intrinsic part of the chromatid that helps it to absorb fusion and sustain integrity and stability. Evidently, the telomere contains numerous nucleotides at the end of chromosomes preventing it from deterioration with neighboring tissues. Analysis assert that when the telomere shortens, they die accruing danger to the chromosomes (Blackburn & Epel, 2012). Therefore, their role in body tissues is crucial an indication that they must be considered to ensure the well-being of an individual. In a more critical review, the telomere protects genetic data making it easy for the cells...

Endosymbiotic Theory

Era, relationship, and the condition on earth Students Name Institution Affiliation Era, relationship, and the condition on earth Endosymbiosis theory explains the double membrane fusion with double membrane and of the chloroplasts and the mitochondria. Endocytosis over the years is postulated to have resulted in this fusion between the blue-green algae and the bacteria over time. The process involves gaining entry into a cell without piercing the cell membrane. The plasma of the cell membrane engulfs the foreign material locking it inside and as a result, an intercellular vesicle form. The chloroplasts and the mitochondria resemble those of the prokaryotic ribosomes. The existence of the...

Environmental Worldviews, Policy, and Industrial Ecology

Environmental World Views, Policy and Industrial Ecology Name: Unit: Professor: Submission date: Introduction Economic development goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. It is from the environment that the resource that foster economic development is obtained. The outputs of activities of economic development are released into the environment through different channels. Hence, economic development and environment are interlinked as they affect each other (Gifford 2004). With a deteriorating environment, the economic development is at risk and with uncontrolled economic development activities the environment quality is at risk too. The interlinking of the two factors has...

Basic Biology

Research Paper: Basic Biology Name of Student Institution Affiliation ASSIGNMENT-08 DNA in forensic science. Analysis of Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is very important and significant in the field of forensic science. The science deals with tracing the pedigree or origin of a culprit or the accused based on the evaluation of his or her nucleotide sequence in the DNA. The nucleotides Adenine, thymine, guanine and Cytosine are often conserved at specific sites of the DNA of an individual. This site conservation of...