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Bill maher film

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Bill maher film

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Bill Maher’s Film
Just like all the people that are anti-religion, Bill Maher seeks to invoke his audience into reasoning about life rather than just believing in an invisible being. Notably, bill majors in poking holes into the Holy Scriptures of various religions mainly the bible. The film shows a well researched interviewer that is intent on driving his point home.
One of the outstanding statements in the film is the claim that the book of Revelation was written during a period of time that only God had the ability to destroy the world. Furthermore, he expounds on his point by giving examples of nuclear weapons which are currently available and can cause catastrophic damage to humanity if used especially in large scale. This is an observation that should interests anyone that watches the film with an open mind and not with the intention of countering his arguments. These are very strong points to anyone that is willing to reason as already we have had people killing each other in large numbers. In addition, the impact that human beings have had on the environment is not a secret as climatic changes due to global warming are already being felt across the globe. As a result, very high death tolls have been reported in areas hit by natural catastrophes which have been triggered by drastic changes in the environment. On the face of such overwhelming evidence, it is only sensible to treat Bill’s statement as a fact rather than just a mere claim.
In his film, Bill also takes a jibe at the reliability of the bible as source of reference about past historical events. He suggests that the writers of the New Testament basically read the “prophecies” made by prophets in the Old Testament and mad up stories to match the prophets’ words. Of course this may not auger well with believers of the Bible and other religious books. But then the Bible, and subsequently the church, has been proven to be wrong on some issues such as the shape of the world. This makes it easier for the audience to contemplate this as a possibility. It is noted, the church was a powerful arm in conquering and ruling by the colonialists, it is not unthinkable that the missionaries and others involved in spreading the gospel could have made up New Testament that would be most convincing to the new subjects.
During his interviews, Bill also makes it clear he is not ruling out the possibility that God exists. Rather, he describes himself as a planter of doubt into the minds of his viewers so that they can stop being contented with the information they were given by their respective religious leaders. Religious individuals have been known to make claims about God with certainty even with minimal evidence. Bill uses doubt as his main tool and entertains the thought that he could be wrong. He intends to provoke the human race to awake and start question what was initially labeled as unquestionable: God and religion. He has also taken the idea of planting doubt into individuals when critiquing the Tea Party movement who have perfected the practice of introducing and opposing policies with a high level of certainty. Of course as an agent of doubt he does not require any evidence on his claims. He just needs to make the claims by the religions and other target groups less believable and he has done that quite well.

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