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Biggest Shock Chap. 12

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Biggest Shock Chap. 12

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Training in Security Service Organization
A range of information in chapter 12 about the training of security service personnel surprised me. One of the shocking information from the text is the defensive tactics that the personnel are taught. The use of pepper spray and an electronic device machine for suspect incapacitation is one major technique that the personnel learn in their training ((Text 95). I was also shocked to know that there are in-service training offered to servicemen already employed in their field of service such as handling of firearms. It was also a surprise to realize that there are specific personnel trained on issues like crime scene analysis, techniques of how to conduct an investigation and interviewing of suspects (Text 98). I was stunned by the fact that domestic violence is indicated in the text as the leading cause of murder and assault incidences thereby having personnel with specialized training to curb such crimes (Text 99). The final surprising information was simulation training where personnel are trained through a computer on issues like driving, emergency response and firearms shooting (Text 203).Indeed, the text revealed security service personnel training information that has left me startled.
I have always believed that incapacitating a suspect can only be done by shooting the suspect; it, therefore, surprised me that pepper concentration is another better option. I really wond…

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