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Big Fish Novel

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Big Fish Novel

Category: Book/movie review

Subcategory: Other

Level: High School

Pages: 3

Words: 825

“Big Fish” Book Review
William’s perceptions about his father as a liar start changing when he decides to consider the stories he was told by his father, Edward. Furthermore, though he had spent most of his time angry about his father telling stories of lies to everyone he uses the story to reconstruct the image of the father he knew even if some of the parts of his father’s life are not clear. However, William realizes that some of his father’s stories were true and acknowledges, “my father’s youthful exploits were many, and the stories told even to this day are beyond count.”(p 31), indicating that the stories had already influenced him. It is through the stories that Edward had told to his son that influence his decisions to change the way he sees his father. William also acknowledges that the only way that he would be able to acquire knowledge and pass it on is through storytelling. After all, it is through the stories that he was told by his father that made him accept that Edward was a legend. Besides, his father had told him, “remembering a man’s stories make him immortal.” (p 26).
Besides, Williams learns through the story what his father had always wanted in life and the reason he was always absent most times of his son’s childhood. In spite of the fictions in the story, William learns things that he had not learned about his father physically (Wallace, p 25). For instance, the story about the big fish wher…

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