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Biases in Reporting News

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Biases in Reporting News

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Subcategory: Geography

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Biases in Reporting News
Bias in reporting news and public information meant for public consumption is a frequent occurrence, especially in the media fraternity. Considering the fact that a majority or a large percentage of the consumers of news and information are not able to make informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding issues concerning public strategy in the situation that there is distortion in their reliable source of information, it becomes crucial to citizens of different countries that there are fairness and no biases in the reporting of news. Media bias takes place when a media organization publishes or airs a story in a manner that is either partial or prejudiced. A survey conducted recently by Gallup Poll indicated that the mainstream of news readers believe that media houses and agencies tend to take a liberal stand concerning most contemporary matters.
The news item that is to be analyzed for bias concerns the recent remarks made by Republican presidential candidate Ronald Trump indicating that there is need for all Muslims to be banned from entering the United States. The newspapers that carried the piece and that are considered are Reuters based in the United States, Daily Monitor from Uganda in Africa, and the Guardian based in the United Kingdom in Europe.
The news sources agree on some issues. There is agreement that the presidential candidate is a front-runner, having led the Republican nominati…

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