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Being jewish in the buckle of the bible belt

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Being jewish in the buckle of the bible belt

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Anthropology

Level: College

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Being Jewish In The Buckle of The Bible Belt
As many Jews today, I identify as being Jewish technically but do not go by a strictly practicing religious protocol. So the complexity started with a simple question “Who is a Jew?” Then I narrowed it down to more direct questions like How many Jews are there? Where do they live? One thing I learned, however, discriminated, I am not unique by any isolating principle. 2% of Americans say they are Jewish and 5 % as both religious and Jewish. Secularism has gained a long-term establishment in Jewish-American culture, where the issue of being Jewish is not God related, but rather based on historical and cultural roots. Although Judaism and Christianity have the same roots in Middle East, they vary considerably in their perceptions of each other. Jews tend to be clannish, and they label the Christians to be anti-semitic. Christians, on the other hand, taking Jesus Christ as the savior, think that they are the only ones capable of salvation.
The situation perhaps takes a different shape and turn when seen in a more particular social setting or space, the most prominent being an academic network. Jews, from Israel, had a long history of scholarship, and this continues today, in modern society, like USA, in the form of academics, Nobel prizes and so forth. Jews lead the world in science, literature, and arts. Jews in Europe being ostracized by mainstream Christianity, devo…

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