Being a triplet

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Being a triplet

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Being a Triplet
Undoubtedly, being a triplet is an excellent ice breaker. I must say that during my childhood my siblings and I used to trick those who did not know us into thinking we were the other. However, although the joke has run out by now, we still do it sometimes to remember when we were little. I must tell you; those were the days. Also, another perk of being a triplet is that you will never be lonely, at least not while you grow up. During our childhood, my siblings and I used to be together all the time. We fought, of course, but we acted as one person with multiple brains and hands, which means that we were constantly up for something. I like to think that we were a hyperactive bunch and our way to blow off some steam was by wreaking havoc. Consequently, as we grew up our schemes developed until our mother forbade us from wearing the others’ clothes, apparently, we were getting on her nerves. We kept on doing it, but it still is a secret.
Secrets that is another part of being a triplet. When we were about eight we swore an oath of not telling our mischief to our parents, and although we violated our pact a few times, we held each other no grudge. The truth is that I consider my childhood as a triplet as one of the best moments in my life. We spent many years just by ourselves, learning from each other and presenting a united front to our parents, who had to cave in sometimes to our kingly demands. Conversely, things were not that great when we grew up. Teenager years did us no good and we drifted apart from each other. We still liked and surely loved each other, but the spark of the golden trio was amiss. I blame it on nobody, though. However, I still miss being part of the sacred brotherhood that was born as soon as we exited our mother’s womb. For me, to be writing this serves as the first time I publicly acknowledge I miss my siblings. I know that the flame of our past adventures is there, but I have found hard rekindling it.
On the other hand, growing up as a triplet has left me many interesting lessons. For instance, it taught me union. I learned how to stand up for those things I believe and to express myself accordingly in distinct manners that granted me attention when I needed it. Moreover, dealing with two individuals all the time taught me patience and understanding. Finally, it taught me responsibility. Since my brothers were often banded against me, I was the one who had to take the blame for our wrongdoings. Nevertheless, I am quite happy for that, as it showed me the importance of admitting when I am wrong, something they do not have. Likewise, my parents did not believe them and grounded us equally. Hence, although I miss my brothers, their lessons showed me how to live without them. Consequently, I do not consider that we are stranded, as I still see myself in them, I just believe we have drifted apart, each one of us looking to fulfill their destinies and become what we have always wanted. We have taken different roads, yes, but that deep understanding is still there, in a gesture, or even in a playful wink that reminds us how linked we are.

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