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Being a pilot

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Being a pilot
My passion for being a pilot began way off while I was still a young kid. After discovering my passion, I got to the local airport and took an introductory ride. For me, it was relatively inexpensive, and I got a chance of flying the airplane for the first time. I then enrolled for private lessons. Through the learning of my flying grades and gaining the experience from the private lessons I had, and later when I worked as a pilot for small companies, i got the experience I needed in applying to a large carrier. But since my goal was to fly an airline, in my cause of working, I came to realize that Pilots had benefits and retirement packages that can even surpass what most of the other experts usually receive. I usually got free or at times reduced rate while traveling. In addition to this, I normally got a reduced accommodation rate in most of the hotels and car rentals.
The number of my working days depends on several factors that may include; the company I was working for by then and how long I had worked for the corporation. In most times, I was away from my home and family for about half of every month that was a high price to pay. Even though my work was not to be taken home, I was required to be always prepared for tests. In most cases, I was taking a check ride at least twice a year. For this case, I required some home study. The reason for this is that in the event of a failure I stood a chance of lo…

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