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Being a more Positive Person

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Being a more positive person
Eleanor Roosevelt said that life is what a person makes this means we determine our destiny. We set our goals and craft a plan, implement to realize our dreams. As we grow we have various ambitions and desires, we look for role models who portray what we want to become. If you have a parent, you can emulate they become your instant idol. Over the years, I have noticed that my life has not turned out as expected, and on keen scrutiny I realized that I have not been strategizing on achieving my goals. I used to let people determine the extent of my actions without looking into myself. I waited for approval from friends and when it did not come I felt like a failure and so many behaviors. I came up with an action plan. I decided that I will set goals and follow the action plan. I planned to get myself motivated, I also decided to focus on healthy lifestyle. I decided to read a book daily before and after sleep, and changed the criteria for selecting friends. Life turns out exactly how we structure it.
Setting goals can be done by anybody but following an action plan to achieve them is what matters. A person is assessed by what they produce; their output marks their inner qualities and value. On person said what we don’t matter but what we do is what counts. I used to set goals, draft an action plan but I never implemented my plans, and this kept my progress stagnating. My grades remained the same or dropped, once I took an initiative to track action I have seen tremendous success in my life. I have attained more than expected not to mention raised confidence and self-esteem.
Reading daily for 30 minutes before and after sleep can help use memorize many ideas at ease; Also scientific studies have revealed that it delays the onset of dementia. I used to be the person reading only for exams, on the 11th hour but with my positive lifestyle I read early enough. I have improved in my grades, and the reading have increased the amount of generally knowledge which comes handy in many situations. I read an electrical engineering book about fuses and capacitors on a television screen motherboard; the experience helped me save the day when I diagnosed the problem with a decoder at my uncle’s place. I have fixed my computer problems and may others.
Your friends can be used to define you and your interests, my friends influenced how I made choices and how my life turned out every moment. I began to choose friends with a positive view of life, who are ready for positive criticism and not judgmental. My friends are people whom we share similar goals, and this means we support each other towards achieving them. I found some of my friends from a book club I joined
Eating junk food was part of me, and this predisposed me to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension. I stopped the behavior and decided to be walking 30 minutes daily, to ensure I become physically fit. I realized that exercising had improved my emotional status and brain power have doubled.
In conclusion, those changes have come with a prize that I have decided to pay in anticipation for the better outcome. I have lost my friend although some have accepted me through the change. You can change the world around you, or it will change you.

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