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Bay of pigs failure

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Bay of pigs failure

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: History

Level: College

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Bay of Pigs Failure
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Cognitive bias occurs when a person makes an error in thinking which affects his or her judgment or a decision. This paper focuses on groupthink which is one of the many cognitive biases that researchers have established. Groupthink occurs in incidences when a group’s primary interest is to make decisions to maintain or restore harmony or coherence rather than conduct a critical evaluation of the decision. This paper discusses the Bay of Pigs invasion as an example of a faulty decision that was made in the US history as a result of groupthink. President Kennedy’s advisors allowed him to approve a defective plan due to fear of causing disharmony in the group. Groupthink was also as a result of cognitive consistency, unanimity, and over-optimism. The section of the paper identifies six ways groupthink could have been avoided which include the adoption of debates, the group having the confidence to stand for the truth, the elimination of cognitive consistency, the adoption of multiple approaches, consideration of alternative plans of actions, and the minimization of misperceptions in the team. The last section of the paper is a personal experience of groupthink and the various ways I could have avoided the mental floss.

Bay of Pigs Failure
Question A
The major cognitive bias present in the Bay of Pigs Failure was groupthink. Such a cognitive bias is one of the many challenges that face indivi…

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