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Balance Sheet

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Balance Sheet

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Subcategory: Finance

Level: University

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Balance sheet
Currie hospital
Net assets
assets liabilities
Gross plant and equipment 6,000,000
Less: accumulated depreciation 200,000
5,800,000 Accounts payable 130,000
Inventories 100,000 Other current liabilities 70,000
Net accounts receivables 650,000 Accrued expenses 100,000
Cash 210,000 Long term debt 5,000,000
Net assets(equity) 1,460,000
Total assets 6,760,000 6,760,000
Currie Hospital
Balance sheet
As at December 31, 2013
Noncurrent assets
Gross plant and equipment $6,000,000
Less: accumulated depreciation 200,000
Current assets
Inventories 100,000
Cash 210,000
Accounts receivable 650,000
Total current assets 960,000
Total assets …

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