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Baileys Cafe

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Bailey’s Café
Bailey’s café has a collection of different stories which touch mostly on women who are scared by the lives they are leading. The author who is Gloria Naylor who attempts to relate and imagine a number of people who had problems in the past but try to get some hope through the Eve’s house from the Bailey’s Café. The novel’s plot structure and point of view are compared and contrasted in detail in accordance to the works by Gloria Naylor.
The novel takes on magical realism qualities immediately as it starts with realistic situations. It is vital to note that Naylor indicates the Café which is not really a Café, but a metaphor which controls and provides realistic nature to the novel. When considering metaphysical terms the Café actually represents the soul of the human being which is often mandated to store the whole body functioning tools (Joseph 507). The author reveals through Bailey that it is a place where individuals go when they are in bad situations. It is a place of rest, when people get into trouble, the café as used by the author is a place of solace where they go and find peace of mind and heart. The café is therefore represented by Naylor as a place where desperate people go and endure their pain when they think they cannot continue living on earth. The similarity between the real café and the café as used in the novel on the other hand is a place that refreshes thirsty and need customers. Vi…

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