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Bailey’s Cafe by Gloria Naylor

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Bailey’s Café

Bailey’s Café is a story that is set in a magical place and many characters in the story have lost their souls and the café turns out to be a safe haven for them since it offers redemption to them in away. The novel demonstrates experiences that some African Americans had during that time. An author is comparing the characters in the story and contrasting them as well. Reading the story made me realize that the characters have various similarities, but they also have a number of differences.

All the characters in the book have to struggle for survival despite having great odds against them. All the characters in the book have been exploited either physically or emotionally. However, in the café, they feel safe and they are also able to contemplate what is happening to them. They also get to know what they can do next in order to make things right. All the characters that are in the book are black. They all went through that they haven’t deserved. They believe that the world has been a very harsh place for them. However, they get to share the stories of what they have been through and that makes them feel better since they get to realize that many people have suffered thus the suffering is experienced by many people in the society and it does not only happen to them. Sharing also gives them the courage to face the world in a better way.

The characters are different from each other as well and their experiences. Bailey is the cafe’s owner and many p…

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