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Avoiding Manipulation in Free Thinking revised

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Avoiding Manipulation in Free Thinking revised

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: Geometry

Level: College

Pages: 9

Words: 2475

Avoiding Manipulation in Free Thinking
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This paper is about avoiding manipulation in free thinking. To tackle this issue, the following will be addressed;
Definition of a free thinker.
A free thinker is a person who has the ability to think in an independent way. A free thinker is able to make their own independent decision. However, there are several factors that hinder many people from thinking independently. These factors will be analyzed in the paper.
Importance of free thinking.
Free thinking is of great importance. It means that a person is able to think independently and make independent decisions. The important part of it is that a free thinker will be able to stand for the decisions that they make.
Hindrances for free thinking.
There are many factors that make free thinking so hard. Most of these factors are outside the control of a person. For example, religion and cultural beliefs are some of the hindrances to free thinking that will be addressed in the paper.

The paper will also discuss the effect of cultural and religious beliefs, Tradition, and political and Socratic ideologies on free thinking.
All these are some of the hindrances of free thinking. There are factors that are in the environment in which a person grows, and they are very strong factors that can affect the way people think, thereby, making free thinking almost impossible.
How to avoid hindrances to free thinking.
The paper will also pro…

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