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aviation regulations

Aviation Regulations Student’s Name Institution affiliation Aviation, which involves travelling in airspace, is the most regulated industry globally. The aviation law is highly enforced and strict. It is normally related with the legal issues that cover the aircraft and airport operations. The legal issues that cover the aircraft are aircraft navigation and maintenance while the legal issues that cover the airport operations are the air traffic control safety and pilot licensing. However, the aviation law is normally enforced by the federal whereby there are some agencies that enforce regulations in the United States. This paper develops an insight on the regulations enforced by...

Drones in the US

Name: Instructor: Course: Date The Use of Drones in the United States Technology has become part and parcel of the modern day society. It has revolutionized greatly how things are done. This includes faster production rate of products in the industry, traveling, the ease of communication and passing information from one area to another among other improvements. One of such area that has had great impact is the technological use of an unmanned aerial vehicle. The paper aims to discuss the use of drones in the United States. As per the military, the drones are also known as the remotely piloted aerial systems or the unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones can be put to a variety of uses. The...

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart Name: Institution: Abstract Amelia Earhart is known to be the first female pilot pioneers of the world. She is remembered as the first female to fly across the Atlantic alone. She has contributed positively in the aviation sector. She multitasked as an author, university lecturer and the vice president of the airline industry. She utilized that opportunity to advocate the fact that flight should not be feared because in future it will be part of normal life. Earhart disappearance ordeal has remained controversial. Key words: Fly and achievement Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart made it into the book of history for being the first woman on the global to fly alone across the...

Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman Name Institution Introduction Elizabeth Bessie Coleman is a renowned personality who had a successful career as a pilot. She is credited with being the first African-American and African-American woman to be a pilot in the US aviation industry. The achievement has made her a role model to most individuals especially women to date even after her death. Bessie Coleman was a dedicated woman from her tender age, hardworking and determined to bring change in her family and the society at large (Hart & Cosgrove, 2005). She vowed to do everything within her power to transform her family’s living standards by rescuing them from the yolk of poverty. With this objective, she remained...

Case Study Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security Final Draft

BOEING 787 DREAMLINER NETWORK SECURITY FINAL DRAFT Institution Name BOEING 787 DREAMLINER NETWORK SECURITY FINAL DRAFT Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a great aircraft of mid-size and wide-body that contains a twin-engine. The airliner was developed by its owner company that is Boeing Commercial Airplanes (McHale, 2005). It is the company's most fuel-efficient airplane and was designed to be about 20% more fuel efficient than its predecessor Boeing 767 and for which it was intended to replace (McHale, 2005). The main unique features of the 787 Dreamliner include; it is equipped with electrical flight systems, has noise-reducing chevrons attached to its engine among many others. The aircraft was...

Input Output Devices in Aviation

Controller-pilot Data Link Communications, CPDLC Students Name Institution Affiliation Controller-pilot Data Link Communications, CPDLC Introduction With increased urgency by both the Federal Aviation Administration and Eurocontrol to create a safer and more efficient airspace across Europe, the deployment of Controller-Pilot data link Communications service is the best remedy ever. Over the years, the most commonly proven and frequently applied the mode of communication between the pilot, and the air traffic controller has been through the use of a voice radio. The voice radio uses either VHF bands for short distance communication of HF bands for long...