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Autism is a mental condition that affects the normal development of an individual. Often, the signs and symptoms of the disorder are noted before a child is three years of age. Autism affects the ways in which an individual communicates and interacts with others. The disorder is diagnosed during a child’s early developmental stages. Diagnosis during the later years may not necessarily suffice to infer Autism. However, it is necessary to note that some people with Autism are dependent on themselves. The extent of dependency to other people is holistically determined by an individual’s immune system. This paper focuses on the prognosis, diagnosis and other crucial matters related to autism (Bogdashina, 2006).


It is salient to observe that there are various causes of Autism. This disorder often has more than one likely prognosis. The foremost cause of Autism is through genetics and heredity. According to research, it is depicted that children with autistic siblings are more likely to develop the disorder. As prior mentioned, the signs of autism are observed during a child’s early stages of development.

Moreover, there are other causes that may give rise to autism. Other than genetics, there are factors that expose an individual to autistic signs and symptoms. As prior mentioned, signs of autism are often noted during a child’s early developmental stages. For this reason, it should be observed that the symptoms may occur before conception. When expectant mothers are exposed to and inhale particles containing heavy metals, the fetus may be affected. According to Brereton & Snowdrop (2007), these particles such as lead often interfere with the baby’s growth, hence autism. Additionally, pregnant women are advised to avoid any form of drugs that may stunt the baby’s growth. In point of fact, there are also specific kinds of foods that should be avoided by expectant mothers. Research has delineated that exposure to certain foods may lead to the disorder (Brereton & Snowdrop, 2007).

There are five types of Autism which exhibit distinct characteristics. They include Asperger Syndrome, Dementia Infantalis, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and Disintegrative Psychosis. Regardless of the different types, there are specific characteristics associated with autism (Densmore, 2007). As earlier mentioned, autistic persons have problems with communication and social interaction. They often keep off any social setting and prefer to be alone. Also, their speech is impaired, blurred and unclear in nature. Furthermore, these persons delineate Repetitive Behavior (Durà-Vilà & Levi, 2014). This behavior often incorporates self-harm, body movements, rituals, resistance to change and compulsive mannerisms. Also, some autistic individuals may possess extraordinary characteristics that are absent in healthy individuals. Other symptoms of the disorder include loss of appetite. For this reason, a good number of autistic persons are often unhealthy due to malnutrition (Densmore, 2007).

Furthermore, it is primary to observe the various barriers that are encountered by autistic persons. Unlike healthy individuals, those diagnosed with the disorder have slurred and unclear speech. It is often difficult for them to communicate with other people. Also, autistic individuals are barred from interacting with other beings. As a matter of fact, a great percentage of autistic individuals have problems with grasping basic tenets of language. Rodriguez (2011) analyzes that these individuals also perform poorly in school due to the impairment of the brain. The low concentration span may negatively impact these individuals’ intelligence quotient.

Nonetheless, there are accommodations that may reduce the prior mentioned barriers. For instance; these persons may be offered speech therapy to improve their communication. Also, this should be in conjunction with language therapy skills. According to Bogdashina (2006), autistic individuals may also open up to socializing after obtaining social therapy skills. The accommodations greatly function in assisting the individuals to indulge in social settings. Autistic students may also receive extra tuition to assist them in reviewing their class work. Regardless of their concentration span, repeating a concept gives one an upper hand in comprehension.

Most autistic persons survive on a daily basis due to medication. They have antidepressants, psychoactive drugs, and stimulants, among others. These drugs are often administered to reduce the aforementioned symptoms of Autism. For example, antidepressants may be used to reduce irritability in these individuals. It is also necessary to observe that autism treatments are often risky and costly (Densmore, 2007).

However, there are prominent public figures comfortably living with the disorder due to their financial capabilities. For instance; Matthew Labyorteaux, a famous actor, was diagnosed with autism before he was adopted into the Labyorteaux family. Also, the media has delineated autism as a complex disorder with many myths and misconceptions. In fact, most of the autism stories in the media are fabrications to garner traffic. Both the media and society perceive autism in negative and positive manners.

Moreover, there is the existence of major organizations that substantially assist autistic individuals. In 1967, the Autism Research Institute (ARI) was founded for research in autism. The organization has ameliorated the lives of autistic individuals by initiating more enhanced methods of fighting the condition. Another large organization is Autistica in the United Kingdom. This organization has also raised funds for overall improvement of the lives of autistic individuals (Bogdashina, 2006).

Conclusions and Future Study

There are diverse opinions in the society apropos of autism. It is primary to note that the disorder has garnered many different perspectives. A greater part of society believes that autism should not be a hindrance to success. Through medication, treatment and certain therapies; an individual easily controls the disorder. These members of society greatly assist autistic persons in managing the condition. The other segment of society undermines autism and those persons that are affected by the condition. There are both negative and positive views about autism in the society. Lastly, the prior mentioned organization should function in improving autism research. With today’s technology, it is possible to realize better methods of seeking information about the condition.

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