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Autism is a mental condition that affects the normal development of an individual. Often, the signs and symptoms of the disorder are noted before a child is three years of age. Autism affects the ways in which an individual communicates and interacts with others. The disorder is diagnosed during a child’s early developmental stages. Diagnosis during the later years may not necessarily suffice to infer Autism. However, it is necessary to note that some people with Autism are dependent on themselves. The extent of dependency to other people is holistically determined by an individual’s immune system. This paper focuses on the prognosis, diagnosis and other crucial matters related to autism (Bogdashina, 2006).


It is salient to observe that there are various causes of Autism. This disorder often has more than one likely prognosis. The foremost cause of Autism is through genetics and heredity. According to research, it is depicted that children with autistic siblings are more likely to develop the disorder. As prior mentioned, the signs of autism are observed during a child’s early stages of development.

Moreover, there are other causes that may give rise to autism. Other than genetics, there are factors that expose an individual to autistic signs and symptoms. As prior mentioned, signs of autism are often noted during a child’s early developmental stages. For this reason, it should be observed that the symptoms may occur before conception. When expectant mothers are exp…

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