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Autism is a mental illness

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Autism is a mental illness

Category: Term paper

Subcategory: Psychology

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Autism is a mental illness that is a result of a neurological disorder that impacts on the normal functioning of the brain. The symptoms linked to autism appear during early childhood, usually the first three years of life. The disorder is identified by impaired social relation, communication both verbal and non-verbal, processing of sensory information, and restricted and repetitive behavior (Matson, Dempsey, LoVullo, & Wilkins, 2008). The following paper will look how autism influences development across the lifespan.

In most cultures, autism is often thought as a childhood disorder with most public attention focusing on children. However, autism is a lifelong condition that affects development across the lifespan. The available, necessary support and treatment procedures change as people move through major life phases. The quality of life depends on childhood foundation, ongoing supports specific to their education, medical, social, family and employment needs.

Autism affects the verbal and nonverbal communication, and they vary depending on the social and development of the children and adult. Some people have little or no speech while others have normal speech. Those with normal speech, however, may not communicate effectively and may say odd or inappropriate things, repeat a statement, say things not relevant to the current topics or talk on a specific topic for a long time without knowing other have lost interest (White, Keonig, & Scahill, 2007). In children …

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